Image courtesy Amber Kelley of UWG Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

Image courtesy Amber Kelley of UWG Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

I am an assistant professor of history and co-director of the Center for Public History at the University of West Georgia. This site showcases recent public history work, offers examples of syllabi, and gives a snapshot of current research.

I practice, study, and teach public history with special interest in museums, digital history, oral history, and community partnerships. My research focus is the post-Civil War U.S. South, but public history work moves me through time and across geographical boundaries. That work has included exploration of the public historical landscape in Morocco; working with Atlanta-based artists and community members to explore southern narrative; interpreting the history of the University of West Georgia; and creating a digital archive for a historic African-American church. I am also one of three members of the independent curatorial collective Selvage.

In addition to my position at UWG, I volunteer time working on projects that bring history to public audiences. More recently, I’ve supported Civil Bikes, which leads bike tours of African American history sites in the Atlanta area. I also wrote and organized an episode dedicated to the theme ‘The Past’ for Atlanta-based poetry radio show, Melodically Challenged, and am currently working on ‘The West’ episode.

Please email me if you have questions about my research, teaching, or public history practice.