Non-textual sources

Our tour of tools and conversation about sound on Thursday inspired me to think especially about course curriculum and ways that I could build assignments around digital projects. I teach an oral history course every year and Audacity or GarageBand would be great for a podcast assignment. I like that that kind of exercise would allow students to learn the tool and also think about interpretation/presentation of the oral history that doesn’t rely on its textual complement, the transcript.

I’m thinking more about using Scalar and Omeka for my own work. I’ve used Omeka for classes and know that it rocks in that way, but I’ve never thought about how I might use it to present a digital portfolio (or does it even make sense for that?) and/or to organize or present my own research (well, I use Zotero). Scalar is especially interesting based on the range of relationships it can visualize in a given body of work. There aren’t any immediate projects in my docket that would be great for Scalar but I’m most definitely going to continue to explore.

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